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Thirty minutes. It’s all I needed. Yesterday, the minute that my husband came home, he took our crying baby and all but locked me in our bedroom for a nap.

shea and dockerySleep. It comes less and less these days. How can a person so tiny require such short amounts of sleep? I know that it’s for a whole host of reasons. But, still! Sleep, little one!

When our little one actually is sleeping during the day, I often try to fit in as much of my to-do list as possible. However, this isn’t always the best idea. By the end of the day, when my husband walks in the door, I am overtired and crabby from trying to hurriedly fit in laundry, cooking dinner, maybe a shower, washing the dishes, making a grocery list, balancing a budget, and anything else on the never-ending list in a thirty minute period. So, on those days when my husband comes home from a long day at work and gives me thirty minutes to lay down and rest, I am so grateful!

I am grateful to have him as we tag-team on this new role as parents. I am grateful that he thinks of me, sees my exhaustion, and Dockery sleep 1gives me thirty minutes by myself when I need it. And I am grateful for his caring heart for our son and the example that he is already setting for our infant son—how to be caring, compassionate, and giving.

In my husband’s gift to me of thirty minutes, I am able to see the necessity of rest for my own body. Rest so that I don’t become so overtired that I am crabby and short with my husband. I have learned that, in order to avoid conflict between my husband and me, one thing I can do is rest my own body. So, with that I am learning to put away my to-do list, so that I can serve my family, just by taking a nap.

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