The Dream of Falling in Love

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I was not the girl that dreamed about my wedding day. I didn’t know what my wedding dress would look like, have the entire bridal party picked out, what they were going to wear, what flowers would decorate the altar and/or where my husband and I would travel for our honeymoon. But, I did always know that I wanted to get married. My dream was walking down the aisle to the man that I loved. … I just didn’t know who he would be.

And then, I fell in love. Yes, sometimes there were romantic dates, walks hand-in-hand, kisses under the stars and whispers in my ear. But, really, the times that truly made me fall in love with the man who eventually asked me to marry him were the trips to the grocery store to make dinner together, the time that he came to pick me up when my car had a flat tire, the time that he held me as I cried when my grandmother passed away, or the many road trips to see my family. There came a moment when I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

He became (and is) my best friend. He is the one that I wanted to spend the most time with throughout my day.  It was the Shea joe 1dream of the life that we could build together that attracted me to him, not just the dream of walking down the aisle on that one day. I wanted years with him. I wanted to build a family, to make sacrifices together, and to grow old together. Yes, that sounds so cheesy, but it’s the truth. I do want to do all of those things with him.

And, there came a day and a moment when I knew for certainty that he wanted those things too. He wanted to do them with me. It was on that day that he asked me to marry him. He got down on one knee and proposed. I couldn’t believe that it actually happened to me.  And after Shea joe 2nine months of engagement, a wedding, a baby, and one and a half years later, I sit here writing this. We have been graced by marriage, two people working toward the same goals and loving each other and our child along the way.

What made you fall in love with your significant other?

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