Expressing the Healing Effects of Love Through Art

Long before I was a writer, I was an artist. Back when I still struggled with words, I used art to express myself.

I have all these full-to-the-brim drawing diaries and notebooks from the time I was about six years old. I was very shy about my art for most of that time because I was used to being told my art was a waste of time and getting in trouble for drawing outside of art class.

That was until I started sharing my drawings online in high school. It was the first time I really got encouragement and affirmation for my work, finding a sense of belonging in connecting with like-minded artists and creators. It was very much thanks to them that I moved past that discouragement and pursued a degree in fine arts, opening even more doors to do what I love.

“Love Line” by Ana

When I started my healing journey from abuse, I realized pretty quickly that I needed healing thoughts to replace the ones that still hurt me. I started to make art to do just that, drawing from words I’ve heard and found that lift my spirit. “Love Line” is one of the results of this effort that I keep near my bed. It’s one of the first and last things I see each day. It reminds me that I’m not alone, and there’s still good in the world.

“Showered with Love” by Ana

In sharing love with people, I felt this happy desire to thank them, to show them what their love has done for me. I wanted to spread the healing effects of love, its power to wash away past shame and hurt to uncover the truth of everyone’s lovableness. “Showered with Love” was a submission to an art contest the theme of which was love. I dedicated it to my friends who have supported me through tough times.

There are many reasons why I keep making art to this day. I get to share what I love in life, like nature and video games. I use it to manage and make sense of my innermost thoughts and emotions. I use it to raise awareness about things like abuse and mental health. (And on that note, I make art because it’s something I know I’m actually good at!) Above all, art makes me and others happy and offers a way to make someone feel loved just by looking at it.

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