The Meaning of a Smile

dockeryMy baby has dimples. It was bound to happen. His father, my husband, has dimples so deep, they are like craters in his face. And I adore them every time that I see them. Why? Because they only come out when there is a smile from ear to ear both on my husband’s and on my son’s face. Luckily I get to see them a lot as my husband and son are quick to smile and laugh.

It is one of the traits that made me first fall in love with my husband, his easy smile. He has a happy dockery and joepersonality and is always trying to make others around him happy. Almost all of the most difficult and trying conversations that we have had, have ended with a simple joke that causes us both to burst into a smile or laughter. I am grateful for this aspect of our relationship, for with every smile and burst of laughter, I know that our relationship only grows stronger.

Our infant son is now just growing these little craters in his face. They didn’t appear with his first smile, or the many after that. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever come. But, then, one day last week, there they were. Those little dimples.

shea and josephAnd with that smile and burst of tiny laughter out of his mouth, my love grew deeper. Deeper for my husband, who co-created this life in our child with me. Deeper for our child, who is the living expression of our love for one another.  And, most especially, deeper for God, who has truly showered blessings upon my life.

Those little craters in their faces mean so much more to me than genetics.

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