The Most Important Things Are The Little Things


There are few things in life as good as getting home to two frantically excited children and a loving wife. Every day as I drive home from work I get excited to come into the door and hear my kids scurry about preparing to greet me, sometimes with artwork they can’t wait to show off, other times as monsters ready to pounce, many times just wanting a big hug. And then I’m greeted from a kiss from Kara and the question, “how was your day?” Their affection can transform the hardest days into the best days, and that’s exactly why I believe in love.

Life is filled with big moments. They can be personal, like a new job, getting married, or buying a house. Or they can be national like the presidential election or local like a city team winning a championship. Usually we focus on the big moments because they seem the most significant, but I’ve found that love dwells more in the simple things. My wife loves a fancy dinner or a special gift, but even more I know she loves it when I randomly take her up in my arms in the kitchen and tell her I love her. It’s the little moments that feed our love and draw us closer together.

I think this is important because if we focus too much on the big things we can lose sight of the love that is available to all of us in every moment. Personally I’ll probably never have the perfect job or a massive house, and that can be discouraging. Globally things look in even worse shape when it seems all we see is war and the refugee crisis, or more locally our growing income gap and party politics. And as for a local team winning a championship, I’m a Vikings fan, and so I know what despair feels like.

But then I remember the little things. Tonight, I’m going to get to play football with Gabriel in the hallway (and in our games the Vikings always win!), Cecilia is going to read me some of her books all cuddled up in my lap while constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes, and after they are in bed Kara and I will watch an episode of our favorite show and get excited about the high drama found in the characters’ lives. And once again I’ll go to bed grateful, because even though there are a lot of wounds and brokenness in the world, there’s a lot of love too, we just have to know where to find it.

I’m convinced that the most important things we do in life are the little things. It’s not who I vote for or where I donate my money. It’s not what my business accomplishes or anything like that. The difference I make is going to hinge on how I treat Kara and the kids. How I treat the man or woman at the grocery store and how pleasant I am in the office. This is where love resides, and this is where I’ve seen it do amazing things. It is in the little things.

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  • The last paragraph really hits the bull’s eye.
    This is the only revolution that can change the world.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

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