The Power of Words: “Yes”


It’s a very simple word. Only three letters, yet used to answer a multitude of questions in agreement.

Would you like cream and sugar? Yes.

Can I get that for you? Yes.

Does that make sense? Yes.

Before Adam, I used the word “yes” without much thought. The questions and opportunities I said “yes” to were mostly trivial and not completely life-altering. And then he came along and I began to ponder what it would be like to ultimately give him my “yes.”

What would it mean to promise my future to him and to receive his promise in return? What if we both said “yes”?

And then one summer day he got down on one knee and I said “yes,” That “yes” was more profound and thought out than any “yes” I had ever uttered before. Did I want to give my life away to this man? Did I want to receive his in return? Did I want to raise a family with him? Could I live with his imperfections? Forever? Could he put up with mine? So much thought, prayer and discussion went into whether or not I should say that simple word because no longer was it simple, it was significant.

But it wasn’t the end. No, that “yes” after the proposal prepared me for the “yeses” of our wedding day, that we would love each other for better or worse, in richer or poorer, for the rest of our lives. No longer was the word something trivial, something to throw out willy-nilly without much thought, or something that I could go back on if I changed my mind – which I could still do even after our engagement. On our wedding day “yes” meant “yes” and nothing would be able to change that.

But the thing is, we still say “yes” to each other every day. While Adam and I don’t get up each morning and verbally say, “Yes, I choose you,” we still do so by our actions. Each kind word, each apology, each small sacrifice or thoughtful gesture is again a chance to say “yes” to each other and “yes” to our marriage. Every day we recommit to loving one another a bit better than we did the day before. The “yes” of our wedding day wasn’t just a one-time thing, but a lifelong commitment, a “yes” to every single day of our lives.

It’s the best “yes” I’ve ever said.

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