The Story of Meeting Her Parents and Bug Soup

AdamKaraDating2I remember distinctly the weekend I met my future in-laws.  Kara was only my girlfriend, and it took everything I had to get her to date me, so I knew this was going to be a make or break moment.  Her extremely high standards had to come from somewhere.  So I pulled out all the stops, I wore my nice shirt, I bought her mom flowers, and for her dad I bought the finest summer sausage (how come only moms traditionally get something at these moments, while dad’s are left in the dust?)  I was putting it on thick.

Once Kara’s dad saw the sausage, I was part of the family whether things worked out between Kara and I or not.  But Kara’s mom was a tougher nut to crack.  The first real test was a lunch with the family.  Kara’s mom had made a beef soup using homemade noodles.  I tried to remember every manner I had ever been taught.  As we started eating, Kara’s mother noticed some irregularities with the soup, but I thought gratitude is a virtue, and so I just kept eating.  There were small black objects in the soup, but Kara’s dad assured all of us that it was just part of the beef.  Kara’s mother was becoming more animated, but her dad still thought the soup was just fine, and since we were already close I didn’t want to risk that relationship.  Just as Kara’s mom started looking for her glasses, Kara shouted “IT’S BUGS!!!”

Bugs.  Kara’s family was feeding me bugs.  I didn’t know if this was a test, but I wasn’t about to fail, so I just kept eating.  Her mom shouted at me to stop.  I was scared and just in survival mode, so I ate some more.  I got shouted at again.  Finally I dropped my spoon.  Kara’s mom was mortified, her dad was in denial, and Kara was just laughing.  I was wondering what species I just ate.

AdamKaraDatingIt was a rocky start, but I must have done something right, because Kara is now my wife.  Even though my mother-in-law still hates the story, it’s become a family favorite.  Kara hasn’t admitted it, but I also think it earned some points with her.  Here was a guy who was willing to eat bugs to win her heart.  In the long run, it was worth it.

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