The Text Message that Gave Me Hope for Love

My current boyfriend gave me hope that love still exists when he was the first one to say “I love you.”

I have always felt that it was something the man should say first in the relationship because it makes me feel that they are committed to me. (All the cheesy Hollywood love stories I’ve seen over the years have probably contributed to this idea too.) In my last relationship, I said it first. When the relationship didn’t work out, I was heartbroken.

With my current boyfriend, I knew that there was still hope that love existed because it was unexpected when he told me. We had only been dating for about a month when he texted me that he had a rough day because of family drama. I texted him back that every family has their issues and that it would all be okay. He texted me back and said that I was his family and then—“I love you.”

I never thought three words from the right person could mean so much and have such an impact. But his words are backed up by his actions. In the three years that we have been dating he has shown how much he cares by the way that he treats me, talks to me,  and sees me. I know that his feelings for me are the same as my feelings for him. I am so lucky to have found love in a good guy that who shares the same views and beliefs as me.

His words, followed up by his actions, have shown me that there is still hope for love.


Elizabeth lives in Cincinnati Ohio. She is the youngest of five kids, enjoys spending time with nieces and nephews, and just doing girly things like shopping, pampering, learning how to cook, and baking new dishes. She believes that love does exist even after a bad experience, and blogs to share her personal experiences to help others know that love does exist.
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