This Is Why I Go To Work

I’m writing this for all the people that wake up and say “I hate my job,” or “Why do I do this every day?” Well, I’m going to tell you the reason I go to work.

Just like everybody else, one reason I go to work is to pay my bills. Everyone has them, everybody hates them. But we all know they have to be paid. Because let’s be honest, it sucks not having water or electricity in your home.

Another reason I work is to afford conveniences like cable, Internet, and game systems.

But the biggest reason that I go to work is pretty much summed up in this picture that my wife once sent me when I was at work: I go to work for my kids and my wife.

Lance and kids


If it wasn’t for them I can honestly say I would not be motivated to deal with the stuff that I deal with at work every day. I am a manager at a chicken restaurant, and it is very stressful and the pay is not great. But some money is better than no money.

When I started my family I vowed to do what it takes to support them and take care of their every need. Working long hours, even for little pay, is worth seeing them happy and taken care of. Seeing my family smile and enjoy their lives is worth every drop of sweat, every long hour, and every raging customer.

Yes, work can be stressful. Yes, work means that I have less time to enjoy life outside of work. I I have heard people say before that some people work to have a nice life, but end up working so much that they don’t have the time to enjoy the life that they are working for. I agree one hundred percent with this. But I also think you just need to keep pushing forward and just weather what comes at you because if you truly think about it, there are thousands of people out there that are looking for jobs and can’t find one. You also have to be grateful for what you have and do whatever it takes to keep it.

Lance, hanging out with his son
Lance, hanging out with his son

I haven’t always had this attitude. I have had many jobs in many different fields and I would always quit when things got tough or if I simply just wanted a change in pace. I didn’t realize it then, but if you keep going job to job, nothing is going to change; it is just a temporary fix.

Trust me, there are some things about my job that I don’t like. But I know that if I quit I would just have to start over at another place, and I know after a while I would just grow tired of that place. Plus, I have been with my job for a little over a year now, and I have advanced during that time. If I quit that would just be a waste of a year of my life that I will never get back.

So if you are ever at the point that I have been to at least one hundred  times—you’re about to walk out of work or just not go in at al—just step back, breathe, and think about the positives. Like, at least I have a job. At least I am good enough at my job that I get to be a manager. At least I have a family that I get to do all of this work for.

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This Is Why I Go To Work

I’m writing this for all the people that wake up and say...
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