We Are Made For Love


I believe in love because everyone deserves a chance at true love and a life filled with happiness. 

When my wife and I started dating I was 14 and she was 15. Little did I know all that we were going to bring, good and bad, into each other’s lives. In the beginning, I didn’t know about her bipolar and she didn’t know about my struggles with anger. All I saw were her beautiful eyes and smile. I didn’t know that it was possible to love another person as much as I love her. And I didn’t know we were going to have three (soon to be four) of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. But I would’ve never known if I had never tried in the first place.

We have our differences but we experience true love with each other because we work for it. Just because you may have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, or just because you had a rough childhood, or just because your parents’ marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a chance at true love and happiness.

But we have to want it. True love isn’t just going to appear in front of us. A single person has to get out there and date—and I mean date with a purpose, date with the intention of finding that person you will marry and have a happy life with. Some people meet people in bars and wonder why it didn’t work out. But from what I’ve seen, most of the time people who are trying to find someone at bars are just looking to get laid.

And those of us who are in a dating relationship or who are married have to fight for true love, even when we don’t “feel” like it. Sometimes people get scared of the commitment, or do things to push the other person away—like cheat or close down emotionally.

We are made for love. There’s a reason we have a constant need to feel important and loved. We see it on TV shows and movies, and we all want true love. But we aren’t going to find it by having a lot of money or having the nicest car or the newest game system, but by committing to the other person day in and day out and living through the good and bad with them.

True love is worth working for because it is being with a person that makes you smile, someone that makes you want to live to see tomorrow. It’s being with someone that makes you want to fix the problems within yourself, because let’s face it: by yourself, it is hard to see the things we need to work on and the problems we have. We need each other for that.

Love is worth fighting for. And I know that some people think that once you get married that the work is over and love is just going to linger forever, but that’s not how it works; you have to fight for true love. I believe that when things take an ugly turn you let the other person know it’s all right, that together you can make it through anything. And I believe that if the other person did something to hurt your love, then you let them know that you forgive them and you still love them no matter what. You work on building that love even more to sustain it, because love doesn’t have a limit. Love can keep on growing for your whole life—or, if you don’t sustain it, it can go the other way and die. When a couple fights for true love, true love always prevails.

I believe in love because everyone deserves a chance at true love and happiness, no matter what’s wrong in your life or if you don’t feel any self worth. If marriage is your calling, there is someone out there who will work towards true love with you, someone who will love you with all they have, and someone who can pick you up and make you feel like you’re on top of the world. And that is why I believe in love.


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