We’re In Love And Committed To Each Other. What Difference Will Marriage Make?

“How’s married life?,” asked my coworker.

I’ve been married for almost a month and a half now, and I was not prepared for how often I would be greeted by people I barely know excitedly asking me that question. Mostly, I’ve said something along the lines of, “Well, it’s weird having a new last name!” But the real answer is much deeper than that.

You see, I thought Josh and I would be the same couple we were before getting married. I knew a wedding would be a beautiful celebration of our love and a declaration of our commitment to each other. I just didn’t think that one day, one ceremony, and a signed marriage license would really change things. We knew we loved each other and we were committed to each other. We’d shared those words a thousand times before in private. Why was this time going to be different?

As we got back to real life post-wedding, I actually felt different. Don’t get me wrong, Josh and I are, in fact, still the same couple. But there was a subtle difference nonetheless that I kept feeling as the weeks went on.

We were a team before and we still are now, but this is a different type of connection with him than I’d felt before. I kept thinking: I’m married to this man. He has committed his entire life to me and I have committed mine to him. And there’s something about actually going through with the wedding, with making this commitment before God and everyone we love, that has brought a level of security with him I had yet to experience when we were dating or engaged.

There’s been a comfort and peace in that that I can’t even adequately describe. If we argue, we both are secure in knowing we’re committed to working through it. If we’re having a great day, it makes it that much sweeter that I can share it and all the rest of my days with the man I love most in the world. I know he accepts me as I am and chooses me no matter what. And I him.

Even though my parents’ are divorced, I still believe in lifelong love in marriage. Dating or just living together are ultimately open-ended arrangements. Even an engagement is still not the same commitment as marriage. Getting married solidified the fact that we are in this life together for the long haul. And we’re writing our love story together. 

So to answer the never-ending question once and for all: Married life is the best. Hands down.

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