What I Know Now: I Want Unconditional Love

Imagine the love that you have for your child the first moment you lay eyes on them. It’s a love that you never knew existed. How that beautiful little face is the face of an angel. How everything is perfect about this child no flaws what so ever to you. That child could be the worst child in the world, but you love them all the same. This love never dissipates or dwindles, in fact it grows. It grows with every smile, every cute thing they say and even the silly shenanigans.

This love is called unconditional love , to love someone completely, to love without any reservations.

Brittany and her son.
Brittany and her son.

I never really understood unconditional love until I had my children. There is nothing that they could do that would change that. I had always heard people talk about the greatest love of all and that when I had kids I would know it. My children are my whole world I don’t know how I would live without them.

So I wonder, what if we loved each other in a marriage or relationship like the way we love our child?

If I had applied unconditional love with one of the nice guys I have dated in the past, would it have worked out? Sure, some of the men I dated had big flaws that couldn’t be overlooked, and it’s important to notice these things when you are dating. But too often, I was so busy trying to nit pick every silly little flaw and always finding something that I didn’t like about him. I focused on those superficial imperfections instead of the perfections. I would get disgusted just by a face they made or the way they laughed. I know it’s petty, but I think that I also did this to protect myself from getting too close.

If we did love our spouses as much as we did our kids I think that there would be less conflict within the relationship. Divorce rates would diminish. If you focused on just the good things that they do and dismiss the annoying quirks it would make that person more appealing and enjoyable. It may even make the annoying things cute to you.

What I know now is that I want the love in my future relationships and marriage to be unconditional. That is, I will love that person despite any flaws I may find. I want to feel that love in return. To know that even if I make a mistake that he will still love me too. I want to do everything to make him happy within reason. I don’t want it to lose that spark or let the flame burn out because I am frustrated that my husband is not perfect. I’m willing to fight for my relationship, just as I am willing to fight for my kids. I know that it will be hard trying not to find a quirk that I don’t like, but I’m determined to have and to give this love to my spouse.

Unconditional love is the greatest love of all and I want with, all my heart, to experience this amazing love in my life in every aspect possible. If we could learn to give and receive this kind of love in our relationships, then life would be better.

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