What Makes Two People Fall In Love And Stay In Love?

How do two people fall in love? And how do they stay in love?

Recently, I came across a New York Times article that described how two people fell in love after each asked other a series of questions.

I was interested to see how my husband might respond, so we tried them out one night.

The combination of questions along with my husband’s silly attitude led to some funny answers.

“Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?” I asked.

“Me,” he said. I rolled my eyes, smiled, and proceeded to the next question—which he also responded to with his trademark sense of humor.

I started to worry that he wasn’t really taking this exercise seriously. But my fears were unfounded.

“What one item would you grab after your house caught fire? All of the people and pets are already accounted for,” I asked.

“My computer. It has my work on it, but it also has my nature photos—and photos of us,” he explained.

I was actually surprised by this response. My husband is a pretty practical guy, so I figured he would save his computer because of all of his academic and professional work. It made me feel so loved that part of his reason for saving that related directly to how he feels about me.

I felt as though an earlier part of our relationship was being relived. It brought to mind the hours we would spend together on the phone as we got to know each other over long distance. When we shared our hopes and dreams, we came to understand what was most important to the other person.

As I chatted with my husband, those memories came flooding back. He was funny, sentimental, and serious, showing a depth of emotion that reminded me of his compassion and sensitivity.

I remembered why I fell in love with my husband while listening to his answers, and he expressed a deeper appreciation for his love for me and for our relationship.



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