What My Brother’s Marriage Means to Me

“Hey, there is this girl I saw in church the other day, and I just have this feeling that you should meet her.” I told my brother a little over a year ago.

I had only met her once or twice, but she was very close friends with one of my roommates. I had never actually been successful at setting two people up, but there was some strange feeling inside of me that this was going to work.

A few weeks later, my friend and I arranged for them to meet at our house for dinner; the conversations were light and fun and at the end of the night, my brother asked her on a date.

Over the next few weeks, she and I got to know one another better as well. On one occasion she asked me to tell her more about him: his interests, his hobbies, and his relationship with his family. I remember telling her: “If I can say nothing else, I will tell you that my brother is a man. He’s not like many other guys.” I said to her. “He will pursue you and he will love you. My brother isn’t going to play games; he’ll be intentional and very faithful.”

Although I had moved to a new city just a few months after they started dating, every time that I had the opportunity to speak with my brother or visit him I could hear and see the joy and deep love that he had for her.

The day of their wedding, tears streamed down my face as I watched my younger brother profess his vows to his new, beautiful wife.

Their relationship has been a beautiful example for me and many others. They love one another selflessly. For example, right after they started dating, my brother spent an entire day helping his (now) wife move. I know it was a long, tiring day, but that was a testament to his commitment to her.  And now, as my brother is preparing for an ultramarathon (a 50 mile race!), his wife has supported him in his training, even if that means long hours of running and tired legs afterward!

They find more joy in helping one another and others, in big or small ways, than they do in their own pleasure or happiness. The way that they love one another motivates me to be a better girlfriend, sister, and daughter.

It’s crazy for me to reflect back on the day that I met my now sister-in-law and felt a strong push to introduce her to my brother. How could it have only been a year ago? How can so much happen in such a short period of time? But this is how love works. Love overwhelms and love brings joy and peace,  as long as we open our hearts to that love.

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