What Our First Date Revealed About Our Relationship


For my first date with my now-husband, he had planned everything out- or so he thought. Just thinking about the events of the date always makes me smile.

He was picking me up at 3pm. We’d gotten to know each other on a backpacking trip, but I was looking forward to spending time with him after I had showered, brushed my hair, and put on a skirt.  He rolled up on time and we were off to a night at the museum, an I-MAX, and dinner.

Neither of us had been to this science museum before, and we had some trouble locating it.  After missing a key turn, we ended up in an area where we could see the museum but not the parking lot.  We decided to improvise and just walk around the massive building until we could find an entrance.  We parked near the train station connected to it, but were under the trains.  So maybe if we could get up to that main level, we’d be in, right?  Our first move was to cross to the other side through a tunnel.  The sidewalks inside the tunnel were covered in pigeon poop.  And by covered, I mean you literally could not step anywhere to avoid it.  It was totally disgusting.  I just looked at him and laughed, knowing he had to be thinking how badly he was messing this up.  Quite the first date, first impression!  

Once we were out of the tunnel, we found a shaky ladder propped up against the trestle.  He held it while I climbed up to see if it was a lead to some sort of entrance.  No luck, but I did look down to notice that he wasn’t taking this golden opportunity to look up my skirt, so that was good news!  I climbed down and we continued around the building to find the main entrance.  Whew!  Finally, we were in!

As we approached the ticketing desk, he pulled out his wallet to purchase tickets and the cashier informed us that the museum was closing in 20 minutes.  We looked at each other and I just started laughing.  Now it’s been made obvious that he didn’t look into the open hours of the museum before planning this.  I can tell he’s mortified.  The poor guy!  We decided to skip the museum and go straight for the IMAX.

As the escalator took us down, I reassured him that I was having a great time- which I was because I liked him and it was so funny to me that all these things kept going wrong.  After the show, it was time for dinner.  But because we didn’t go through the museum for a couple hours before catching the IMAX, we were now 2-3 hours early for our dinner reservation.  He called and was reassured that even though it’s a restaurant you normally need a reservation for, no one was there eating dinner at 4:45pm… so come on over.  The restaurant was really cool- a hole-in-the-wall, unique decor, live music (if you eat at a normal time) kind of a place.  Whatever I ordered was delicious, but I remember stifling my laughter as he ordered spaghetti.  Spaghetti?  On a date?  That’s number one on the list of food to never order on a date!  There’s no way to eat that gracefully.  I called him on it and then laughed at him trying to get it down without making a mess.  

Neither of us wanted the date to end at 6pm, so we headed back to my apartment, walked to get ice cream (on the way back he worked up the courage to hold my hand), and then watched The Princess Bride on a laptop (because I was in the process of moving and didn’t have a TV anymore). The small screen was a good excuse to sit close together for awhile.  I’ve never kissed a guy on the first date, but it happened this time. That kiss led to many more, including one at the altar 14 months later.

Looking back on our relationship, this date really was a small glimpse of our future together.  We love to laugh together, and like this date, normally he’s the one making me laugh.  We seem to be really balanced- when one of us is down, the other carries extra weight, like when he was feeling bad about how things were going and I reassured him it was fine and kept a good sense of humor about it.  

I also love that things went wrong and we got to see how the other responded.  In life, lots of things don’t go our way, but from the get-go we made the best out of it together. There have been many more good memories (and good dates!) along the way, but this date I’ll always hold special.  Everything went wrong, except the important things.

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