How Patience Pays Off In Love And In DIY Home Renovations

Shea waiting.
Shea waiting.

With just three and a half weeks before our newest baby arrives, my husband and I are about two thirds of the way through a DIY remodeling project in our bedroom. And, even though the room has come a LONG way from where we started, with an actual closet, installed drywall, a fresh coat of paint on everything, finished baseboard, and a plan for a built-in bookshelf, it has taken much more time than I anticipated. I knew in my head that it would be a gradual process, but, in reality, I was really hoping it would be completed with the flick of a wand.

But, as I watch the slow progress of our house project, I can’t help but draw a comparison between our renovations and my relationship with my husband. It seems to me that taking time to do things well—both in our DIY project and our relationship—can make me feel impatient at times, but has also shown us beautiful and unexpected results.

You see, even though there have been frustrating nights and times when I have been impatient, in retrospect, I am grateful for the slow time that our home renovation has taken us. The design has morphed into something much more practical and beautiful than we originally had planned. In addition, this project has helped Joseph and I learn patience, compromise, and communication.

In a similar way, the slow and steady process of our relationship through all of the joys, sorrows and monotony of every day life has morphed the two of us into better individual people and into a better couple.

Shea, her husband and her baby.
Shea, her husband and their baby.

Even prior to getting engaged and married, I could see a change in the people that we had become. Throughout our dating life, Joseph pointed out characteristics of myself that I always knew I should work on, but never had the discipline to do so by myself. Although they are characteristics and struggles of my personality that will never go completely away, they have diminished in my effort to become a better person for my relationship with Joseph and myself. In fact, when Joseph and I were reminiscing about our honeymoon a few nights ago, he made a comment about how much better our relationship is now and how much more he loves me. I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

Like the progress of our bedroom re-do, the slow and gradual process of our relationship has changed the design of our lives. Joseph and I have worked, compromised, and painted our lives to become better individuals and a better couple for one another and our growing family.

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