What To Cook?

How do you cook for someone who is so picky?  This is a question that I face everyday.  And sometimes I know I’ve gotten the answer right and sometimes I’m not so sure that I have.  My husband has tastes that I consider to be no more sophisticated than a child who only eats McDonalds.  In fact, I’m positive that Zachary would be in culinary heaven if he were allowed to eat only fast food for the rest of his life.  There are some problems with this kind of eating however.  It’s not healthy first of all and it can get expensive and it doesn’t set a good example for your children.  All of theses are concerns that I have for my family.

Zach_and_Madeline_001 The first time that Zachary came over to meet my family, I told him I would cook dinner for him and so I asked him if there were anything in particular that he wanted and he was very quick to let me know what he would eat.  He wanted spaghetti, but only with plain sauce.  No meat, no meatballs, no garlic bread, and the spaghetti had to be the consistency of chicken noodle soup, with the sauce being almost as thin as the broth in chicken noodle soup.  Well, I had grown up with chucky sauce and nice bites of meat in my spaghetti, but still I tried to make it the way he had requested.  I failed.  Basically, my spaghetti wasn’t runny enough.  The next time he came over, again I asked what I could make for him.  This time it was a bologna sandwich.  This I thought I could ace.  After his first bite he had a kind of displeased frown and I asked him what was wrong.  He opened the sandwich up and revealed a slice of American cheese and a slice of Kahn’s Deluxe Club Bologna covered by bread that had been graced with mayonnaise.  The problem, he was soon to tell me, was that a bologna sandwich should be as so: bread, mayonnaise, bologna slice, cheese slice, bologna slice, cheese slice, topped with bread that has another coating of mayonnaise touching the top cheese slice.  And this was only the start.

I vented my frustration to co-workers and was pretty much told that this whole thing was Zach’s problem, and that he should’ve been happy that I made him anything.  I agreed, but I also had very strong feelings of love for him and I didn’t want to leave it at that.  I wanted to triumph in making something that he would actually like.  So when we moved into our apartment together, I made it my mission to be a wonderful little homemaker and to make Zach three meals a day that he would love!  I tried everything.  Omelets, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, waffles, eggs, toast, strudels, cereal, steak, chicken, pizza, salads, casseroles, vegetables of all sort, fresh fruit of every kind, and every kind of twist on these and more, and never did I ever, get an entire meal right in Zach’s mind.  So for a while I did kind of give up, and when we moved into our first little house, I tried again at first.  I even asked all of the people who had cooked for him in his life, for recipes, and tips, and I followed them to the letter; however, I still didn’t make the grade.  If I got the ham right, the potatoes were too runny.  Or if the broccoli was excellent the berries were too bitter.  And so he and I agreed that I would continue making things that I wanted to make and we would keep a couple bags of potato chips handy for Zach, just incase he  didn’t feel he could choke down another bite of whatever I had made.  And this system worked for both of us, until our baby got old enough to eat ‘grown-up’ food and started to see what her daddy was eating and only wanting to eat what he was.

Madeline pic Zach and I have had the conversation many times that we want our daughter to eat and be healthy, to try new foods, and to understand that it’s not good to just eat junk food.  I never wanted to be the mom who just gave her kid a multi-vitamin and then just let that child eat or not eat whatever they wanted to.  But I must admit that I have been that mom.  Fortunately, Zach has been more willing to eat what I make, whether or not he really likes it.  And we bring fewer chips into the house.  Now, we have a cabinet full, when we used to have a bookcase full, for him, no joke.  So hopefully, our little one will eat healthy in her life, even when we are not monitoring her.  And hopefully Zach will actually enjoy what I make for him.  It is made with love, most of the time, and I really do try, I really do.

Is there a road bump in your relationship, that although it may not be major, it can be a problem, none the less?

How do you cook for your spouse?  Do you take turns cooking for one another?

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