What Works in the Military Doesn’t Always Work in Marriage

Kara and Adam warrior dashMy wife doesn’t often leave me speechless, which left me even more flabbergasted as we crawled under the barbed wire.  Kara and I were about a mile into a three mile race that we had signed up for to help us get back into shape after the birth of our son.  (Yes, I had to get back into shape too; at times it was hard to tell who was pregnant).  This was no ordinary 5k, it was a Warrior Dash, a race packed with obstacles which include running through fire and swimming in mud.  Our first obstacle was a series of hills which we hit at about .1 miles, and from that point on I could tell my wife was regretting her decision.

Kara and Adam barb wire The race became pretty painful since Kara was having no fun, and in turn neither was I.  Kara was ready physically, but after struggling on the hills she started to doubt her ability mentally, and those doubts made every step harder.  Before Kara and I were married, I was a sergeant in the Marines, and so I had seen these mental struggles before, and in my mind I knew exactly how to help.

And that’s when we hit the barbed wire.  We had to crawl under it just like the movies, and Kara was grimacing with every move.  She seemed exhausted and frustrated, but too stubborn to quit.  As I looked over my shoulder I saw two Army guys about 50 yards back, and then my Marine training kicked in.  I gave a speech about how good we were doing, how we were beating the Army, and how we were almost there.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes and wailed, “I WANT MY BABY!”

Well I never heard that in the Marines.  I stared back at her for a few moments with my mouth hanging open, unsure of what to do.  Finally I decided to just put my head down and crawl.  We did make it past the barbed wire, and past every other obstacle, and we finished the race in just under an hour.

Kara and Adam completionAlthough the race didn’t go as planned, Kara and I both really enjoy the memory, and we’re even thinking of signing up for a second one.  We’ve always liked doing new things together, and while they sometimes end in disaster, more than not they end in a good story.  To me, this is a key to a happy marriage, trying new things together and always finding adventures.  It helps keep the relationship fresh and exciting, and the challenges help us grow in intimacy.  What new things have you tried with your significant other?  Do you have any funny stories of adventures gone wrong?

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