Why I Said Yes

I was in the worst mood. I had been at work from 3 to 11 that night and if anything could go wrong during my shift, it did. From malfunctioning pumps (I work in a fuel center) to dealing with the rudest, meanest customers imaginable. By the time 11:00 rolled around, I was more than ready to go, especially with a half-hour drive ahead of me. But in my mad rush to leave I made things worse by forgetting to leave my work keys, which I didn’t realize until I was nearly five minutes away from home. I was fuming the rest of the way because I knew I had to drive back. But, I figured, I’d at least pick up my boyfriend Tyler and make him go with me.

When I pulled up my car, he was outside waiting for me—which isn’t unusual since he usually meets me at my car when I get off. (However, in retrospect he was dressed a little nicer than usual.) The moment I got out of the car, I was complaining about the whole night and the extra driving we were going to have to do. He just smiled at me and tried soothing me, all the while tugging me to go inside. He kept saying he had something he wanted to show me and I half wanted to say I wasn’t in the mood. But I didn’t want to take my frustration out on him, so I obliged.

I am so glad that I did.

When we got inside, everywhere there were candles lit, making it look like a scene from a romance movie. He sat me down in my roses and candlesfavorite spot and with no hesitation, dropped to one knee. He told me that from the very beginning I am the only person in his life who truly cares for his wants and aspirations in life, that I know him better than anyone else. That he knew he loved me from the start and would do anything for me. Would I do him the honor of becoming Mrs. Jones?

We may be young but I will definitely do him that honor. One of the important things I feel about our engagement is that we both want something real. We want to show that people of our generation still want what our grandparents had, lasting relationships that span our lifetimes. To get married and build a life, a family together. That marriage isn’t just about what you do in life—it’s about getting the chance to do it with someone you can’t imagine being without.

What does marriage mean to you?

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