Why I Write About the Difficult Things



As I sit here and reread my recent post on I Believe in Love, I wonder why I write. I wonder, What made me want to share my story? Who am I writing for?

Here is why: I have a story to share, and I don’t want to keep it to myself. I want those who may be going down the same paths to have hope or meaning in their own path. Not every aspect of my relationship is perfect or the way I planned, but it’s mine and I want to share it with the world. I know I have read other people’s pieces on I Believe in Love and realized they all have meaning, too. They let the world in, and then people who are in similar situations and struggling to understand, can relate and find hope.

I know I have struggled in my life and marriage. I have moments when I wonder why I made decisions and questioned if they were the right ones. Heck, I’ve even questioned my love for my husband. But I also know that loving my husband and having a husband that loves me has made life’s struggles a lot easier to accept. I haven’t walked these paths alone; I have a partner in life who shares my fears and joys and grief. I have someone to lean on.

Not all my posts have been easy. But they have documented moments where I had feelings that I felt needed to be shared: like the moment I had to figure out motherhood while a teenager, or the moments I realized I had insecurities in my marriage. These are posts that I felt the world should see, because they are the moments where life is also real. Life isn’t a fairy tale and there isn’t always a prince who can fix everything. But in marriage, you do have a partner to share these moments with, a person who helps you try to fix the problems.

I write because love isn’t only found in the easy times or the great times, but also the hard and challenging times, like losing a child or struggling with insecurities. Love isn’t always loving someone because they make your world go round, but loving them even when they push you to the edge, or when they have angered you, or when your opinions are different (and someone always has to be right!). Love is an emotion and action that expresses your desire to connect to someone who you don’t want to live without—because we are made for each other, because love grows in bad times as well as good times.

I write so one day my children and grandchildren can see and read some of my pieces and understand what love was like in my time. They can see that we all had difficult choices and situations and we make the best that we can, and that love stories include middles and endings that don’t always go exactly as we planned, but that we can come out stronger and wiser. I want people to see that love is hope and desire gliding on the unknown, wings heading for an adventurous future, two people in it together. It’s a future in which every dream, every hope, and every desire we ever had merges with those of our partner’s. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we know we’re in that future together. Love and marriage is an adventure.

I write about all this for the world to see. I write so that those who have had trouble or lost hope can find something that stirs them, something that gives them a reason to keep moving on. I write it so my moments can help someone or inspire them. I write this so my reflections have meaning and a different perspective. I write because I believe in love and I want the whole world to believe in it as well.


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