Woo-ing Still Happens, It’s Just Different


A few weeks into our relationship, Adam sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my office. The card that accompanied them said he was looking forward to seeing me that weekend, and that he was especially excited that I was attending the Marine Corps Ball with him.

It was the first time I had ever received flowers and I melted from head to toe.

Nowadays, nearly six years into marriage, flowers are still nice, but I have told him once or twice, “Please don’t get me flowers – let’s spend the money on something else.”

However, flowers or not, my husband still “woos” me. He still tells me when I look beautiful, still scoops me in his arms and leans in to steal a kiss, and still teases me with shining eyes.

But what was once flowers and cherry-flavored Twizzlers, romantic letters and carefully rehearsed home-cooked meals (he once practiced a menu on his roommates twice before cooking it for me), has now become getting up with the kids so I can sleep in, pushing me out of the house so I can get some much-needed time to myself, and getting the kitchen cleaned up after supper at the end of a long day.

While his actions may be different, Adam’s intentions are still the same. He wants me to know that he’s thinking of me, that he cherishes me, and that he loves me. At this stage in our lives with three young children, the type of romancing I need revolves around time to myself where I can rest and relax. Adam recognizes this and focuses more on acts of service than gifts and elaborate date nights, since right now we don’t have the time or money for either.

Someday he may woo me again like in the early days of our relationship, and I look forward to it! But for now I am perfectly happy with my snippets of free time and extra minutes of sleep. In fact, there is something more romantic about them than flowers or chocolates because I know Adam is sacrificing so much more to let me know he loves me. He’d rather be the one sleeping in or going to a coffee shop to read without interruption, yet he gives those moments to me. Those actions speak to his love for me in a way that still absolutely melts me, from head to toe.


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