Work, Motivation, and a Budget

Call it the stereotypical girl oldest child thing. I tend to be organized and a bit of a planner (or a lot of a planner, depending on who you ask!). For a long time, I used to run away from that and apologize for it, like it was a bad thing. But, now I see it as good. It’s a gift that is part of my personality and makes me be me. And, it definitely helps keep the busy daily lives of our family intact.

Now, in the midst of staying at home, it’s helped me organize our days and make a bit of extra income for our family. We’re saving for a house still, and every little bit helps!

Before having our son, I worked in a church office as one of the secretaries and personal assistant for the pastor. Juggling several balls in the air at once became my daily work day. So, now, even though on the outside I might seem like a stay at home mom, my days are becoming filled with our family as well as a couple of part-time jobs.

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I am doing some administrative work for two different employers. Not only am I drawing on the skills that I learned before having our baby, but I am enjoying these moments of ‘adult time’ (aka not thinking about what story we should read next, what our family should have for dinner, when I can fit in the next load of laundry, etc) from the comforts of my own home.  While our baby is napping, playing quietly at my feet (sometimes!), or reading stories with my husband, I am able to squeeze some work in. The way I see it, if I make $100, that pays our cell phone bill for the month, and a $50 paycheck pays for a week of groceries or a tank of gas—all helpful to our little family as we try to save for a house.

I am grateful for these employment opportunities, that they are flexible around the schedule of our child and that they provide both a mental challenge of something outside of family and the financial benefits of adding to our family income.

In our little home, I have been able to use the organizer and planner tendencies of my personality to contribute to our family. Have you found new ways to contribute to your family when kids enter the picture?

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Work, Motivation, and a Budget

Call it the stereotypical girl oldest child thing. I tend to be...
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